Why you should invest in synthetic turf

Have you been considering investing in synthetic turf, but have a few concerns about its practicality and price? If you have, keep reading as we’ll answer questions regarding cost efficiency, impact on pets and the environment, and longevity. There is a perfect synthetic lawn for everyone, and many benefits of getting one installed!

Can save you thousands of dollars

Investing in synthetic turf saves you lots of money, and should therefore be considered an investment rather than a cost! Synthetic turf actually ends up being cheaper in many cases than natural turf. This can be hard to wrap your head around, as synthetic turf does have a higher cost to install, but keeping in mind maintenance costs over the years, synthetic turf will ultimately save you money. 

After 5 years, your investment in artificial turf has begun paying for itself. After the initial instalment cost, there are very minimal costs over the years for maintenance. With natural turf however, these maintenance costs never cease to exist, and after less than 15 years, maintenance on natural turf is double that of synthetic turf. This cost difference becomes higher if both turfs being compared have been professionally maintained over the years, with the cost of professionally maintaining natural turf being double that of synthetic turf in under 5 years. So although the cost of installing synthetic turf is initially higher, as the years go on, you will actually be saving high amounts of money on maintenance.

There are many elements included when creating this comparison, including the cost of watering your lawn, buying fertilizer, weed and pest control, and mowing or trimming your lawn.

Environmentally friendly

In order to ensure the artificial grass in your yard is as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible, it is important to consider where the synthetic yarn was manufactured. Australian yarns stay looking good for longer, and are made specifically for the diversity of Australian weather. If you want to ensure your synthetic grass lasts for many years, you definitely want it made from an Australian yarn that is made specifically for the Australian climate. 

Artificial grass does more than just keep your yard looking fresh. It also actually helps the environment, as you do not have to be constantly wasting litres upon litres of water on it. Droughts are unfortunately quite common in many areas of Australia. This makes it incredibly difficult to maintain a nice lawn as we need to be saving water for essential purposes only; a green lawn is not essential. With synthetic grass, it stays looking great all year without the hassle of keeping it watered.

Guaranteed year-round quality turf

Australian-made yarn has the benefit of years of development to establish the right aesthetic for Australian homes. With up to a 10 year guarantee, your artificial grass is easily going to stay looking flawless year-round. We know that everyone sometimes has accidents; this is an inevitable part of life, and therefore it is common that at some point something will spill onto your artificial lawn. Luckily, our lawn is designed to be stain resistant- and therefore most spillages will easily vanish after being hosed off or wiped away.

At Quality Artificial Turf, we offer many different options for fake grass, able to suit any requirements or aesthetic preferences you may have. Our most versatile lawn is the Weekender Lawn, built to stay looking good all year round. If you are a busy person who craves a nice lawn, this one is perfect for you. It is the perfect lawn for entertaining on weekends- which shows why it is named as such- and the most comfortable activity lawn we offer.

It’s dog friendly

Pets are absolutely a valid concern when considering investing in synthetic turf. We of course want to keep our furry family members happy and comfortable in our homes, and it is important to stay up to date and educated on the best ways to make this possible and sustainable. It can be hard, especially with hot Australian weather, to keep our natural lawns alive and usable. Many homeowners do not want to sacrifice the happiness and wellbeing of their pet, to install synthetic turf- however this is an irrelevant concern; dogs really do enjoy synthetic turf. 
Synthetic turf does not ruin dogs’ fun at all, and in fact keeps them and your lawn cleaner. They still love to roll around and scratch themselves on synthetic lawn, and can do so without getting dirty or putting tracks and bare grass patches in the lawn; it really is a win-win. Very active dogs are still able to run around, play, and be mischievous but without sacrificing the state of your lawn. Hence, with fake grass, your pets are given a soft and clean play area constantly, with no worries about dirt or mud.