The Weekender Lawn

The Weekender Lawn is the perfect choice for those who want a beautiful lawn for all to enjoy. As the name suggests, this lawn is perfect for entertaining on the weekends, or just relaxing and enjoying the weather on!

Our Weekender Lawn has a 35mm pile height, and is the softest to touch!

The Weekender Lawn also comes in a four tone colour mix, making it look more realistic and allows the green colour to POP!

This style of lawn is best suited for everything! The soft touch, the pile height and the yarn count all play a role in making this lawn the most comfortable activity lawn in our range!

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Weekend Lawn Quality Artificial Turf

About us

Imagine a world where you can relax on a lawn, all year round, that is lush, thick and a beautiful natural green colour. Wouldn't you prefer a garden that requires minimal fuss, and not having to waste time and money to maintain? That life can be achieved, and we can make that happen... Quality Artificial Turf, your first choice in gardening...