Reasons getting artificial grass is beneficial to your pets

Have you been considering making the change to artificial grass, but are unsure on what impact it will have on your pets? It is absolutely reasonable to be thinking about your dog when deciding whether to install synthetic turf in your yard. If you can relate to this concern for your pet’s well being and whether the fake grass will impact them negatively, keep reading and we will be able to put your mind at ease. Artificial turf actually benefits your yard and your pets in a number of ways, and you and your pup will both be able to enjoy it.

Your dog will still enjoy the yard

Dogs love running around, being mischievous and rolling all over the place in backyards. This is still the case with artificial turf, and does not affect their enjoyment of the yard at all. Dogs love rolling around on soft, fluffy lawns. The problem with doing this on natural lawns is that the grass quickly loses its integrity, becoming less soft with more play. Synthetic turf will stay soft regardless of your dog’s daily outdoor habits.

Your dog will stay clean

Dogs love to play. They love to run and roll around in the dirt or grass. This naturally is a sure way for them to get dirty and need a bath. It can feel impossible to keep your dog clean when they enjoy these activities so much. However with artificial grass, this problem ceases to exist. If there is no dirt or natural grass in your yard, your dog will be unable to develop grass stains or become covered in mud. Without dirt or natural grass, your dog is also given a soft, clean area to play in daily. Your dog can enjoy all the usual dog activities, whilst giving you a break from washing them every time they roll around in the dirt. Furthermore, as your dog will be unable to create bare patches of dirt in your yard, there will be no large dirt patches for it to lie in and become dirty.

Artificial grass is easy to clean

A very common concern for many people considering investing in artificial turf is how complicated it is to keep clean. It is a whole lot easier to keep the lawn clean than you might think. But what about when your dog goes to the toilet? Is this still possible without ruining your lawn’s integrity and quality? Absolutely. Dogs can treat artificial grass the same way they treat natural grass. And speaking of dogs toileting on the turf, it is beneficial to know that this will not stain or affect the yarn in the turd in any way. To clean your artificial turf, you simply need to pick up your dog’s mess as you normally would, and then hose off the area of grass targeted. 

Your lawn will stay in great condition

As dogs often spend quite a bit of their time in the yard, often it becomes a battle to ensure your lawn stays even and undamaged. This is especially the case if your dog runs around a lot or enjoys digging. With artificial turf, your dog is unable to dig and hence will not create holes in the lawn. Instead your lawn will look great all year round with no bare patches of lawn.

Natural grass quickly becomes flat and lifeless when regularly trampled on and dug up by dogs. Fake grass however holds its shape, regardless of how many hours a day your dog spends running circles around it.

Great for allergy-prone dogs

It is common for dogs to experience allergies and skin conditions. For these dogs, grass can become quite irritating; especially if it is not regularly maintained. With synthetic turf, this problem is possibly alleviated; especially if your dog’s allergy is to natural grass or dirt. Furthermore, the yarn we use to make our turf is UV stabilised; meaning that it is completely safe on paws.

As you can see, though your concerns for your pup are absolutely valid concerns, they do not correspond to any real issues you will have. The bottom line here is that artificial turf is entirely safe for animals, and your dog will love to run around on it. It is super easy to clean, and will remain intact and gorgeous for many years to come; despite being regularly rolled around on by your pets. Your dog will not miss out on anything due to having to play on fake grass as opposed to natural grass, and it will make your job as a homeowner and pet owner MUCH easier. It will make your job maintaining your yard so much more simple and less time-consuming, and you will not know yourself anymore with the amount of time and money you will end up saving.