How to clean your artificial grass Adelaide

We know a very common reason people have for investing in artificial grass is the low-maintenance aspect. Often people who install artificial turf in their yard, choose to as they lead very busy lives and simply do not have the time required to maintain their yard. Fake grass is a great option for those who are time lacking! Everyone deserves to be able to enjoy a gorgeous yard after a hard day of work, or on weekends to relax, but it’s not always realistic to have a luscious real lawn. If this is the case for you, you should consider investing in a fake lawn. Fake lawns are significantly easier to clean and to maintain than a real lawn is, and is the perfect option for those who work long hours.

A valid concern that many people bring to us when considering installing artificial grass in their yard is the cleaning process, and whether it is difficult to remove stains and other debris. This concern is very common, and so we are here to answer any and all questions on this topic, and put your mind at ease! Cleaning and maintaining your artificial turf is simple! Especially due to the fact that all of our grass here at Quality Artificial Turf is stain proof! Below are the steps to ensuring your lawn stays fresh and clean.

  • Clean your grass once a week

Artificial grass has minimal maintenance, which is absolutely one of its most appealing features! This means that you do not have to mow your fake grass, or weed it to keep it consistent and lush. Furthermore, fertilizer is not needed, and you will cut costs on watering! It is the sure way to have a gorgeous green yard without the hassle and expense.

This all is great, however having artificial turf does include some regular maintenance to keep it looking fresh year-round. This process is quite simple and does not take very long. You should clean your yard weekly, simply removing small debris with a brush, and lightly hosing it to get rid of any dust that may have settled. This does not take very long, especially in comparison to the time that would otherwise be spent pulling weeds or hosing all areas of the yard.

  • Monthly Maintenance

Just as done during your weekly lawn cleaning, you should make sure all dust, dirt and leaves are removed with a stiff brush. Make sure you do not choose a brush with steel bristles however, as this could actually damage the fake grass. 

The correct way to brush your grass is to sweep against your fake grass’ natural grain, grooming it into an upright position. By doing this monthly, you will ensure that the longevity of your grass’ upright position is maintained! If you have pets that regularly run around and play in the yard, or it is just regularly used for entertaining, brushing the grass this way may be required twice a month instead, however it is absolutely not a time-consuming process.

  • How to clean pet waste

If you have pets and they spend a lot of time playing in your yard, you may find yourself getting frustrated at the mess they cause, including holes being dug, dirt thrown across the yard or possibly plants ripped out! It is important to ensure you know that with fake grass, this is a nonissue! Your furry family members will be unable to disrupt the state of your yard once you’ve installed artificial grass!

This being said, they will still need to use the yard as their bathroom, and this is to be expected and very easily cleaned up! Our artificial lawns are pet friendly, and the cleaning process for their waste is quite simple. The first thing that needs to be done is to remove any solid waste with a doggy bag or pooper scooper, just the same as you would with real grass. The next step is to use a hose to wash down the area. By hosing the area, any residue and smell will be washed away, and this is enough to keep the area clean!

If after some time, you notice that your pet’s favourite spot to relieve itself has begun to develop an odour, you can use a solution that is half water and half vinegar to alleviate this smell.

  • Food and beverage spills

You should ensure that any food and beverage spills are cleaned as soon as possible to ensure they do not stain. The materials we use for our lawns at Quality Artificial Turf are stain proof, which means that most spillages can simply be hosed away with ease! For a slightly more stubborn stain, warm soapy water should be enough to get rid of the stain completely. However there is always the chance that substances such as tree sap or gum (hard to remove substances) end up on your lawn. If this has happened to your lawn, you should mix a mild household cleaner with water -or use a low-sud dish liquid- and use this mixture to scrub your lawn, and then leave it to dry. Once it has dried you should brush it over to keep the grass blades upright and in good condition.

As you can now see, the process of cleaning and maintaining your artificial grass is a lot less involved and time-consuming than it is to maintain a natural lawn! By following these cleaning steps for your fake lawn, you are ensuring that the quality and state of your lawn is optimised, and will last much longer.