How long does Artificial Grass last?

Installing artificial grass in your yard is often a decision not taken lightly, as there are many factors that determine whether it is the right move for you, your family and your property. Because of this fact that it can be a big decision, it makes sense to ask how long it will last and make sure you won’t be wasting your money. We are here to assure you that you will not be wasting your money. We are happy to address any and all concerns regarding our lawns, to make sure you are happily set up to make the investment. If you are concerned about the longevity of artificial turf, keep reading as this article covers the top frequently asked questions about our grass’s quality and function.

artificial grass showcase
Our artificial grass newly installed.

Is it stain proof?

This is a very common question regarding synthetic turf, and understandably so. We are fully aware that sometimes accidents are unavoidable, and occasionally something will be spilt onto the lawn. With this in mind, we have made our lawns stain resistant, and therefore the majority of spillages are able to be wiped or hosed off with no trouble. Having an artificial lawn does not mean you need to start being overly cautious about dirtying your lawn.

As fake grass is stain-resistant, it is completely pet-friendly and messes made when they go to the toilet can be easily cleaned with a little water, and soap if you prefer. Furthermore, larger spills such as paint spillages should also be easily cleaned if treated right away. Soapy water does the trick in the case of most spillages. If there is a spillage that wasn’t quite treated on time and the stain won’t come out, you do not have to stress; it can be repaired! The process for repairing a small patch of your fake lawn is by cutting the stained section out and adding in a fresh section of fake grass.

You can see now why stains shouldn’t be something you spend much time worrying about; most can be solved with soapy water, and stubborn ones can be easily replaced to look good as new!

Is it pet friendly?

When people ask us whether our lawns are pet friendly, there are a few elements we consider; all leading towards the answer that yes- our lawns are pet friendly. The first thing we like to consider is your pet’s level of enjoyment on the lawn. They will still be able to do all the activities they love, including being mischievous and rolling all over the place. Pets will not have to compromise their enjoyment for the sake of your yard.

It is common for pet owners to notice how their pets are creating a mess in the yard with all the digging and running around. With artificial grass this is a non-issue. Our lawns do not lose their integrity, and will stay perfectly soft regardless of your pet’s activities.

What about when they need to go to the toilet? No problem. Our turf is easy to clean, and your pet won’t be able to stain the lawn. All it takes to clean the mess is to pick it up as you normally would, and hose off the area.

Is the material used good quality?

The yarn we use here at ‘Quality Artificial Turf’, is Australian-made, and has been constantly evolving to become the best option for Australian homes, aesthetically and structurally. Australian-made yarn is made specifically for the diversity of Australian weather. Therefore, if you are considering getting an artificial lawn installed in your yard, you definitely want it to be Australian-made yarn used in the product. As our artificial grass is Australian-made, you can ensure it will last a long time; it is specifically made for the Australian climate.

Our grass comes with up to a 10 year guarantee

If you aren’t fully convinced that our lawns are made of only the best quality materials, then you’ll be very pleased to hear that our lawns come with up to a 10 year guarantee. This guarantee protects against fading, ripping, and any other faults or damages that may be attributed to defects or issues with installation. Our lawns are guaranteed to last over 20 years, and are specially made to withstand hot Australian Summers.

To conclude, our fake lawns come with up to a 10 year guarantee that covers a range of unlikely issues you may have, it is easily cleaned, and durable due to the Australian-made yarn used to produce it. All these elements work together to vouch for the fact that our artificial grass is of the highest quality, and you will be getting more than your money’s worth by investing in it. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our team of experts, and they can answer any further queries you may have about our lawns.