Keeping a well maintained yard can be an exhausting and expensive feat. You may get to a point in your lawn upkeep when you wonder if it’s worth all the time, energy and money you are putting in to keeping it alive and thriving. If this sounds familiar and you decide you’d rather spend all that energy elsewhere, it is worth considering surrounding your home in artificial grass instead!

 Why you should get fake grass

 Fake grass is a great alternative to having real glass for a variety of reasons. Once you have purchased and installed your fake grass, there is much less hassle and maintenance required to keep it looking its absolute best. With a real grass lawn, it costs a fortune on your water bill just to keep it healthy from week to week, especially in dryer seasons. With artificial grass, you can relax as you will not have to water it to keep it alive; it will stay looking fresh year-round!

 Our artificial grass is completely pet-friendly, and to clean it you can simply hose away any unwanted grime, and it is also stain resistant, so you will not need to worry about spilling colourful drinks or food dishes if you spend a lot of time outside! If there are any issues with your lawn, you have a 10 year guarantee that protects it against fading, ripping, or faults attributed to installation defects. This means you can relax knowing that your top-quality artificial lawn will stay looking top quality.

 As mentioned above, you will be saving money on any maintenance and water bills, due to the ease of keeping it looking fresh. Not only will you be saving money however, you will also be saving time. Often, a good, healthy lawn requires hours of yard work, but the only time you have to spend on a lawn of fake grass, is the time spent enjoying it!

 What types of fake grass we offer

 We offer a variety of different styles of artificial grass, each suited for specific uses and looks. It is important to consider how you will use your lawn, before settling on a decision of which type suits your needs best. The following is a list of some types of artificial grass we offer, and how they are unique from each other.

 1.     The Hardy Lawn: 

The Hardy Lawn is a low-maintenance and fuss-free lawn that is best suited for display areas around your house, and areas with high foot traffic. It is durable and perfect for kids and animals running around all day on. It is specially built to withstand and excel in everyday family life. 

Information about this style:

Pile height: 28mm

Yarn count: 9000 DTX

Yarn density: 16,800/m­2 

 2.     The Weekender Lawn:

 The weekender Lawn is built to stay looking good all year round. It is well-suited to busy people that still crave a nice looking lawn, with minimal effort. It is the perfect lawn for entertaining on weekends- hence the name- and it is our most comfortable activity lawn.

 Information about this style:

Pile height: 35mm

Yarn count: 11,000 DTEX

Yarn density: 18,900/m2 

 3.     The Summer Lawn

 The Summer Lawn is perfect for- you guessed it- Summer! If you and your family or friends enjoy long Summer nights relaxing in the backyard, this is a style of fake grass that may be perfect for you!

 Information about this style:

Pile height: 40mm

Yarn count: 12,500 DTEX

Yarn density: 16,800/m2

 In each lawn mentioned, there is a four-tone colour mix which allows the green colour to pop, and ensures the grass looks realistic. Each of these lawn options also includes a mix of Straight PE + curled PP material.

 How we get best results

 Now that you are familiar with the different types of fake grass we offer for your yard, it is also worth knowing our process when it comes to achieving the best results. We begin by offering you a Free measurement and Quote. By measuring the space you wish to fill with artificial grass, we are able to calculate how much grass we need, and thus, how much you should expect to pay. Next, we will install your choice of fake grass as you envision, and after this is done, you can enjoy the product! 

 Whatever your lawn needs are, we have you covered! Deciding to purchase an artificial lawn is a step forward in saving money and time, allowing yourself to simply relax and enjoy your marvellous lawn! Our low prices and high quality materials are impossible to beat; and keep in mind that we will beat competitors by 5%. So if any of this resonates with you, please get your free measurement and quote, and we can begin the process!