Here at Quality Artificial Turf, we want you to be informed of your choice before buying your new quality artificial turf. This is why we want YOU to check out our artificial turf comparison table below. It gives you all the details you need to make a choice in your artificial lawn needs! From the pile height, to the yarn colour and the density of the yarn - we show you the difference!

We recommend you use this table to choose the type of turf you're after for your home. We also recommend checking out our PRODUCTS page to learn more about the types of artificial turf we're offering. We want your home to stand out from the rest, and the best way to do that is with our Quality Artificial Turf!

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Name Yarn Count Yarn Material Yarn Color Pile Height Yarn Density Roll Length Roll Width
The Hardy Lawn 9000 DTEX Straight PE + Curled PP  Four Tone Color Mix 28mm 16,800/m2  25m  2m or 4m
The Weekender 11,000 DTEX Straight PE + Curled PP  Four Tone Color Mix  35mm  18,900/m2 25m 2m or 4m
The Lifestyle Lawn 12000 DTEX Straight PE + Curled PP Four Tone Color Mix  35mm 17,850/m2 25m  2m or 4m
The Summer Lawn 12500 DTEX Straight PE + Curled PP  Four Tone Color Mix 40mm 16,800/m2 25m  2m or 4m
The Leisure Lawn 6300 DTEX Straight PE + Curled PP  Two Tone Color Mix 12mm  65,520/m2 25m  2m or 4m
Weekend Lawn_Quality Artificial Turf
Hardy Lawn_Quality Artificial Turf
Summer Lawn_Quality Artificial Turf