• Why Artificial Lawn?

    Quality Artificial Turf is a great alternative to having real grass, it also comes with less hassle. Artificial lawn needs minimal maintenance, saving you time and money. No more expensive water bills from watering your lawn in summer!

  • Pet Friendly?

    Artificial Turf is definitely pet friendly. You’ll no longer have dogs coming inside covered in wet grass and if they do make a mess on the lawn just use a hose to wash it away!

  • Does Artificial Lawn Get Hot?

    Artificial lawn does have the potential to get warm in the dead of summer. However, it is unlikely you’ll be spending much time outside on your lawn if it’s hot enough outside to heat the lawn up.
  • How Long Will It Last?

    Our lawn comes with up to a 10 year guarantee which protects against fading, ripping or any other damage or faults with the lawn that can be attributed to defects or our installation.

  • Will Water Pool On The Lawn?

    Our lawns are installed in a way that allows water to drain off our lawn quickly and efficiently.

  • Is Your Lawn Stain Proff?

    We know everyone has some accidents sometimes and at some point will spill something onto their artificial lawn. Our lawn is designed so that it is stain resistant and most spillages will be abled to be wiped or hosed off without any troubles

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